Perfect dog breeds for children

If you are looking for a breed of dog that is especially suitable for living with children you should know that, in general, anyone can adapt perfectly to family life. However; it is true that there are breeds more likely to get along with the little ones in the house. In this article we are going to introduce you to the perfect dog breeds for children.

We start with our preferred breed; the mestizo and, especially, the one that needs adoption. And; the protectors are full of pets looking for a home. “Adopting a mongrel puppy or adult dog is a great option for children.”

French Bulldog
It is one of the most popular dogs. It is strong, muscular and compact. His character is very sociable, vital, playful and sporty. It is very affectionate with its owner and children; but you have to encourage several daily walks so that you can vent. He is very intelligent and his education is easy. Also, he doesn’t bark much.

Despite its size (males can weigh more than 35 kilos) and its corpulent and muscular appearance; it is an affable and very affectionate dog. In fact, it is one of the most recommended dog breeds for children. In addition; they are very faithful pets and attached to their owners and will protect them from strangers.

Carlino or Pug
It is, without a doubt, one of the most fashionable breeds. He is very affectionate and extremely attached to his owner. He is also quite stubborn so his education can sometimes be complicated. With children he usually behaves patiently but; being somewhat suspicious, he can be afraid of them; especially if they are very young children who do not know how to treat him. It needs, like any dog, to exercise; but you have to be careful and, above all, not expose it to the heat.

It is an excellent companion dog, intelligent and easy to train. It is calm, affectionate and in rare exceptions is aggressive so it is ideal for children and the elderly. He does not like solitude at all and needs the constant company of his owners. They have to play with him, teach him and dedicate time to exercise since; otherwise, he can become an apathetic dog. It usually weighs around 25 and 34 kg.

The Pomeranian is an excellent breed of dog for the family. In addition to “being small, they are very playful and protective. It is an animal with a lot of vitality and energy, and adapts very well to small spaces, although it needs to exercise. It usually weighs no more than 4 kg.

Perfect dog breeds for childrenPerfect dog breeds for children
Perfect dog breeds for children

It has become one of the most requested dogs by families and one of the favorites of veterinarians for its intelligent and affectionate character, especially with children. He is faithful, obedient and very self-confident. He is very energetic and awake and needs to do a lot of daily exercise. There are three types: the miniature (between 6 and 7 kg), the medium (between 14 and 15 kg) and the giant (between 32 and 35 kg). Being from the Terrier family, it is a rather barking dog. But it can be avoided with good training.

Golden retriever
It is a breed “very affectionate, learns very fast and are very playful”. So they will become excellent companions of your children. Keep in mind that males can reach 40 kg and that they are animals that need a lot of activity.

West Highland white terrier
Very common in homes where there are children. He has a lot of energy and temperament, but his character is balanced and friendly. Although we can have it on a small floor, it needs to do a lot of exercise.

It is also a dog of the Terrier family and being an alarm dog barks easily at the slightest noise. Its weight ranges between 7 and 11 kg.

Border collie
It is a herd dog and therefore accustomed to working. However, it adapts very well to family life and its relationship with children is excellent, since it is a very caring and protective breed. Since this is a working breed, it needs a lot of activity and dedication.

It is a dog that lavishes love wherever it goes. He is very attached to the family and is very playful with children. As he comes from the family of hounds he is a bit stubborn, so we must try to train him as a puppy so that he does not take our hair.

It looks like something out of an ad for a fabric softener; as it is very soft and fluffy. In addition, its tender and affectionate character will make you want to take it home. But don’t be fooled by its peaceful appearance. It is very active and playful so, together with its small size, it will be perfect for your children; it is also very protective.

Bull terrier
His appearance is very peculiar, but so is his personality: active, affectionate, playful and tolerant of children. In fact, it usually adapts very well to family life. He comes from the English bulldog and the terrier and that makes him a bit stubborn. Nothing that is not solved with a good education from a young age.

It is one of the best known breeds and most appreciated by animal lovers. He is intelligent, affectionate and protective of his owners, especially children, has a lot of patience, is faithful and “very easy to train,” says Jara Díaz. Anyone who has had a German shepherd will know that he is an excellent companion who only needs to speak.

If you live in a house with an outdoor space for your dog to enjoy, this breed will certainly captivate you. It is a watchdog with a protective instinct towards the family. If the animal is correctly socialized since puppyhood, it is also very tolerant of children with whom it will undoubtedly play and will be gentle and affectionate. However, we must take into account its large size: it can weigh up to 70 kilos.

Saint Bernard
It is a guard dog and, although its size can frighten more than one, it is a very affectionate and patient breed with children. In addition, it is noble and an excellent pet for the family. However, you need a lot of space or, at least, a lot of dedication to be able to go out and exercise.

Before deciding which dog we want, we must think about our lifestyle. It is important to remember that “when we want to choose a dog if we have children; rather than thinking about a certain breed, we have to think about our lifestyle and what we want from our future pet (where it will live, what activities we will do with it, how much space we have, it will come on vacation …”); says the ethologist expert in canine comprotamiento, Alfons Pallàs.

When we answer these questions, we can begin to determine which breed to choose. “We have to keep in mind that bringing a puppy home is a lot of work; so if our child is a baby of a few months that also requires a lot of time, we will have to discard breeds that need a lot of physical activity if we can not dedicate the necessary time to meet their needs,” he adds.

You have to prepare the dog before the arrival of a baby at home
Finally, if the child arrives after the dog, it is important, as far as possible, not to change the routines we performed with our pet and let the dog smell; browse and approach the baby. In addition, we must make him understand that he is still part of the family; making him participate in the activities, going for a walk together with the stroller and trying not always to be the same person who walks the dog.

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