Benefits for children of adopting a cat

You may be planning to take in a new pet, you even know what animal you would like to have at home, a cat; but you are afraid that it could hurt your child. They say that cats are treacherous and that you should not trust their behavior because at any time they can scratch or bite you; but the truth is that it is not so.

Cats are just as affectionate as a dog, even more so, but they don’t have the same submissive behavior as dogs. We tell you what are the benefits for children of adopting a cat.

Cat therapy. The advantages for children of having a cat
Unless you are looking for a specific breed of cat; the easiest and most supportive thing is to adopt a cat, since there are many abandoned in shelters who are looking forward to having an owner. Do not think that cats are treacherous and will not be able to share the house with our children.

It is true that they need their independence, their space, and they have less patience than a dog; but there are many signs and signals they emit so that you know that they are not comfortable with a situation or that you are bothering them and that they can defend themselves.

At first you may not know how to interpret these signals and you will be surprised by their reactions; but the truth is that little by little you will learn to recognize each sound and gesture of your cat and to understand him perfectly.

Cats never attack without warning, and if they catch you jumping in some corner of the house it is because they are very playful. So the benefits are much more than the harms. What are the advantages of having a cat?

Benefits for children of adopting a cat
Benefits for children of adopting a cat

Benefits for children of adopting a catBenefits for children of adopting a cat
Health benefits: It is proven that people who have cats at home see their diseases reduced; since their defenses and immune system are strengthened, making it the best antidote against contracting new allergies in the future.
They prevent cardiovascular diseases, calm the nerves, release stress, and on top of that; fight depression.
They help in the socialization treatments of children with autism.
Their gestures and graces will make you laugh constantly.
It makes children responsible, since they have to clean their sandbox; feed them, take them to the veterinarian; and helps them mature.
Teach children to be better people, instill respect for animals, and encourage feelings towards the cat; by trying to understand if it is sad, tired or happy.
They will have a new playmate.
It teaches them to be more supportive if we take it from a shelter and welcome it at home.

What you need to know before taking in a cat at home
If after everything we have told you, you are already clear that the next pet you will have at home is going to be a pussycat; it is important that you take into account the following aspects:

Cats are animals that can live up to 15 years; so it is necessary to reflect if you are willing to assume that commitment for so long.
As with the dog or any other animal, cats need time and require an economic investment to cover their needs: meals, games, reviews.
Whether or not you have other pets at home; you should know that some cats adapt quickly and others need a little time. It is important that you let it slowly get used to its new environment.
Although they do not speak our language, through the expressions of their face and the movement of their tail you will be able to know what is wrong with them. For example, if you are happy and want to play; your tail will be up; upwards but in motion, it means that he is happy to see you; if he puts it between his paws and you see that he makes small blows on the ground, he will be excited or angry.
Look for a comfortable, dry, flow-free, quiet and clean corner of the house so you can sleep. And, another detail: they like to be able to rest and observe their surroundings from high places.
They love to play, so you should provide them with toys so they don’t get bored. But do not worry about getting something expensive, they with a ball, a piece of paper or a cardboard box have fun in a big way.
Finally, like other pets, cats need frequent visits to the veterinarian for regular health check-ups and vaccinations. And if you notice changes in their behavior or eating habits, it may be a sign that they’re sick.

How to celebrate Cat Day with your pet at home.
They say that cats have seven lives, but they also have three dates on the calendar to pay tribute to them: February 20, August 8 and October 29. Which one do you choose to tell them all the love you feel for them? If you want to celebrate this special day for your pet at this time or throughout the year; here are some ideas!

Surely your cell phone has a good camera, what if you make a book of photos and then print them; put them in the background on the computer or tablet or as a symbol of your whatsapp?
You can ask the children to make a drawing in which the main protagonist is this pet; they can even add some phrase like ‘A kitten transforms the return to an empty house in the return home’.
Who does not like to receive a massage on the belly, back or head? To cats also and in their day this simple gesture can become the best of gifts.
If you have more friends in the urbanization or school who have this animal as a pet, you can organize a meeting to see what they do.
There are a lot of movies or series in which the main character is a cat; select one of them and sit down with your special friend to enjoy them.
For families who like to cook, we have a super plan: bake cookies in the shape of a cat! We are convinced that you will be delicious!

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